10 Celebrity Chefs’ Mint-Julep Recipes for the Kentucky Derby

10 Celebrity Chefs' Mint-Julep Recipes for the Kentucky Derby

We’ll start off simple, with Martha Stewart’s recipe for a mint julep, which requires 24 mint leaves.

Martha Stewart.

Arnold Turner/Getty Images for Netflix; Julia Ewan/The The Washington Post/Getty Images

Stewart’s recipe calls for “superfine sugar,” lemon juice, mint leaves, crushed ice, and bourbon, all muddled together.

Stewart also has a variation on the classic with a peach julep, which just requires substituting peach juice for lemon juice, and adding club soda.

While this style of drink has roots in the Arab world and the Mediterranean, mint juleps first appeared in the US in Virginia, according to Tasting Table, and they were popularized in Kentucky with the Derby, becoming the event’s official drink in 1938. Now, they’re one of the most popular drinks in the South.