23 Savory Breakfast Ideas – Easy Savory Breakfast Recipes

23 Savory Breakfast Ideas - Easy Savory Breakfast Recipes

Pancakes, waffles, and smoothies are a beautiful thing. Any time we can load up our plates with maple syrup, our day is made. But sometimes, you aren’t looking for something sweet as soon as the sun comes up. And if you find yourself after dark wanting these breakfasts for dinner? Well, we will not be surprised.

If eggs are your go-to, look no further. We love how endlessly customizable breakfast tacos, breakfast burritos, and even breakfast casseroles are. Load each of them up with your favorite hot sauces (we go for Cholula for that vinegar-y brightness and kick) or salsas. Are you a beginner at cooking eggs? They may seem tricky, but we’ve got helpful guides on how to perfect a crispy-edged fried egg, poached eggs, or classic omelet.

Some of our new favorite breakfast ideas came to us thanks to Tik Tok. If you loved the viral baked feta pasta, we took all that rich, creaminess and dreamt up baked feta eggs (I know, a dream, right?). Pesto eggs also get an upgrade by being baked egg-in-a-basket style for our pesto eggs-in-a-hole.

Not an egg fan? Try our chicken and waffles (especially with a little hot honey on the side), sprinkle za’atar and spicy olive oil on our whipped ricotta toast, or go classic with a bagel and lox.

And whether you’re on the go or brunching, you need the perfect drink to go with your savory breakfast. Try our cold brew iced coffee for some surefire pep in your step or any of our favorite buzz-y Bloody Marys.