25 Easy Coffee Recipes – Best Coffee Recipes

25 Easy Coffee Recipes - Best Coffee Recipes

We are always on Team Coffee. Coffee is life, after all. So why not add it to everything? Coffee already brings out the best in our favorite chocolate recipes, but it also adds bold flavor and tenderness to savory meat dishes.

Whatever recipe you choose, you’ll need plenty of your favorite coffee beans to serve as the flavorful base. Want to upgrade your coffee making even more? Check out our picks for the best coffee makers, French presses, and even milk frothers. You’ll be making perfect lattes in no time.

You might be wondering: Can I use espresso? Absolutely, although it will deliver a lot more intensity than using regular drip coffee. What is the difference between espresso and coffee, anyways? They’re subtle, but usually come down to the strength of the drink and how it’s served. Espresso is made from beans that are grown, processed, and roasted just like other coffee beans, but the finished product is stronger, thicker, and more caffeinated than classic drip coffee. Espresso is perfect for making latte drinks, and yes, espresso martinis and espresso cookies.

It might seem like a jump to add coffee to your steak and chicken, but once you do, you’ll be forever changed. Brewed coffee and ground coffee are our secret weapons for adding a subtle earthy, charred flavor to our favorite roasted meats, while also tenderizing them in the process. Ground coffee is also an incredible addition to a rib rub, too. Need more proof? Try our coffee-rubbed steak with coffee-bourbon sauce and coffee-marinated BBQ chicken tacos!