40 Best Fall Side Dishes

40 Best Fall Side Dishes

After a long, hot summer full of cold potato and pasta salads, fresh blueberry, peach, and pineapple desserts, and everything grilled, we’re looking forward to some hearty, cold weather fare. Sure, autumn has some great main dishes (turkey, casseroles, ham…), but truly, the side dishes are WHERE. IT’S. AT. Check out our list of 40 fall side dishes for ideas—we feel all warm and cozy just thinking about them.

Like every season, we look to the bounty of fresh produce to inform our recipes, and fall has some of the BEST. Late season eggplant, all the good squash (sorry zucchini!), root vegetables like sweet potatoes and beets, Brussels sprouts… the list goes on. We’ve got everything from standbys like mashed potatoes and cheesy bacon butternut squash, to unexpected standouts you’ll love, like Sichuan-style “fish-fragrant” eggplant (no fish, just lots of flavor!) and roasted garlic-parsnip purée. If you’re like us, you have been avoiding your oven all summer—fall’s the time to get back to it! Pretty much any fall veggie benefits from being roasted, and we’ve got recipes for them all, from roasted turnips to kabocha squash. Fire that baby back up and remember how crunchy and caramelized it can turn even the most blah of veggies.

And we can’t forget soup! It’s finally soup season again (we love summer gazpachos, but they just don’t quite hit that same comfort-food spot), and we’re taking immediate advantage. Try our pumpkin soup, broccoli-cheddar soup, or carrot ginger soup to get you in the mood, then check ALL our favorite fall soups too.

We can’t forget about our absolute FAVORITE seasonal food holiday: Thanksgiving! We’ve included some of our favorite turkey day side dishes here, like cornbread dressing, green bean casserole, and holiday roasted vegetables. Since we recipe test way earlier than the actual holiday, we get to enjoy a ton of versions of these recipes. So you can trust us when we say—if you love Thanksgiving sides, no one’s stopping you from making them ALL season long.

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