671 Guam Recipes: Celebrating Philippines Independence | Lifestyle

671 Guam Recipes: Celebrating Philippines Independence |

Philippine Independence Day is today and we’re offering ways you can celebrate this month with Filipino recipes from our partner, 671 Guam Recipes, founded by Cel Montague.

This week’s recipes showcase a Filipino classic dessert: Buko Pandan.

Buko is the Tagalog word for young, immature coconut and its meat. Pandan is a southeast Asian plant, also known as screw pine, whose leaves impart a fragrant, sweet aroma and taste to sweet and savory foods.

The recipes we feature are on the sweet side and make for cool treats this summer.

Buko Pandan Fruit Salad, from 671 Guam Recipes member Bernice P. Legaspi, is meant to be chilled for about two hours before serving.

See Buko Pandan Fruit Salad recipe here.

A more unusual recipe is Buko Pandan Ice Cream, from member Josefina Laxamana.

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