8 easy, soothing sick day recipes for days you’re low on energy

8 easy, soothing sick day recipes for days you’re low on energy

Any time you fall sick, your energy and inspiration to cook are pretty low. That is why we have compiled these easy recipes.

Since skipping meals isn’t an option, you just want to quickly whip up something that doesn’t take time and hit the bed or couch again. While a warm bowl of soup is always comforting, there are many other sick day recipes that are filling, nourishing and soothing. We have listed the best and easiest recipes for your sick day so that comfort and rest are your top priorities.

Easy, soothing sick day recipes

Cold fighting chicken noodle soup

The most soothing, comforting and cosy soup you can make for yourself when the flu hits pretty bad. This sick day recipe contains herbs like garlic, lemon, ginger and lemongrass, all of which are known to have healing properties that make you feel better in no time. This recipe contains pasta, but you can swap it for your favourite noodles, and it will taste just the same amount of warm and fuzzy.

Mushroom and barley soup

This hearty vegetarian soup is all things comfort and warmth. It is a blend of mushrooms, vegetables, and pearled barley, so you have a warm soup ready in under 30 minutes. Even though this recipe uses porcini mushrooms, you can make this with regular button mushrooms too. It is cooked in butter, so the flavours of butter and mushroom blend together to create the perfect subtle, yet rich taste that the soul craves on a sick day.

Sweet potatoes with chickpeas tomato sauce

Image: Courtesy The Kitchen

You can prep this meal and have it for when you feel sick. That is what makes this a great sick day recipe. It is simple to make but loaded with warm, spiced flavours. Also, when you store this dish in the fridge to be used later, the tomato sauce just keeps getting better as it gets older. You can either serve this with a simple salad or have it by itself.

Get the recipe here


The ultimate sick day food, khichdi is an all-time favourite for not just days when you’re not feeling great, but also for lazy days. Throw in rice and lentils and seasoning in a cooker and cook until everything is boiled. Is there an easier sick day recipe than the good ol’ khichdi?

Garlic broth

This might hardly even qualify as a full-blown recipe, but it’s the most soothing soup you can have on your sick days when all you need is a little extra comfort. It’s easy, refreshing and loaded with herbs like coriander, sage, and parsley. So it will relieve you of the lowness that sick days come along with. If you are a garlic fan, you can add as many cloves of garlic as you want to because garlic goes straight to the heart.

Chicken and rice soup

This sick day recipe is everything you need. A stick-to-your-bones kind of chicken soup, it’s a thick soup that’s filling, nourishing and yum. If you want it lighter with a more flowy consistency, reduce the cooking time of the recipe. Top it off with crushed peanuts and add some great crunch to this soup.

Turmeric ginger chicken soup

A chicken noodle soup is great comfort food. But this sick day recipe just amps up your regular chicken noodle soup and makes you feel better. Turmeric has healing properties, and ginger is really your best friend on your sick days. With a lot of strong, slightly pungent flavours, this soup is a must on days when you’re not feeling the best!

Green smoothie

Talk about easy sick day recipes, nothing compiles as fast as a smoothie. Just throw everything in a blender, and you’re done. This smoothie recipe contains four portions of fruits and vegetables, including vibrant green spinach and avocado. These are then blended with milk. If you’re lactose intolerant, you can use any nut milk instead for this recipe.

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