8 mango curry recipes to try at home to make the most of the tropical fruit

Mango curry recipes

The season’s favourite tropical fruit is versatile for a reason! It’s cooling, tasty, and both sweet and savoury. Beat the heat this season with these curry mango recipes at home.

From shakes, smoothies, mojitos and mocktails to jams and chutneys, this versatile fruit can be used in many recipes. But if you are too bored of all the sweetness and want a savoury kick from mangoes, these mango curries are just what you need. Not as popular as its sweet varieties, these curries celebrate the inclusion of mangoes with a twist. We have compiled the best mango curries for you to try this summer.

Mango curry recipes to try at home

Sweet and spicy ripe mango curry

Image: Courtesy Archana’s Kitchen

A lip-smacking curry made with a perfect blend of spices and cooked along with ripe mangoes, this mango curry recipe is ideal for a hot summer afternoon. You can pair this with steamed rice, jeera rice or chapati, paratha or even pooris, and it would fit perfectly with anything. The curry is simple and is made using all your regular kitchen masalas, with the star of the dish — sweet mangoes, of course.

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Mango kadhi

Mango curry recipes
Image: Courtesy Instagram/pink.lemon.tree

Give this uber-popular yoghurt curry from northern and western parts of India a mango twist this summer. Apart from mustard seeds, coriander powder, yoghurt and gram flour, the addition of mango is what makes this version of kadhi truly epic. Remember to use medium raw mangoes for this mango curry recipe for maximum flavour and taste.

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Raw mango dal

Image: Courtesy Instagram/thatvegansri

You must have had raw mango chutneys and pickles. But have you ever had this raw mango dal with steamed rice on a hot afternoon? A simple dish with simple ingredients, this sweet and sour mango dal does not compromise on taste. The recipe uses toor dal, but you can also try masoor dal.

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Mango rasam

Mango curry recipes
Image: Courtesy Archana’s Kitchen

The hugely popular rasam is the holy grail for most south Indians. But adding raw mangoes to it makes it a delicious tangy rasam and is a great side dish along with hot steamed rice and poriyal. This mango curry recipe has the perfect balance of sweet, spicy and sour flavours and is best served piping hot. You can even have it by itself as a soup or palate cleanser.

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Mango chicken curry

Mango curry recipes
Image: Courtesy Meat and Travel

A delicious chicken curry that goes well with rice and chapati, this mango curry recipe is light and mild, so you won’t end up feeling uneasy after a meal. Apart from the usual ingredients for a chicken curry and the mango, you will also need coconut cream for this recipe, in order to balance out all the tanginess and give the dish a subtle taste.

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Mambazha Pulissery

Mango curry recipes
Image: Courtesy Whisk Affair

This is a Kerala-style ripe mango curry hugely popular in ‘God’s own country’. Made with ripe mangoes, coconut, yoghurt, and a few mild spices, this spicy, sweet, and sour curry is served with steamed rice for a wholesome meal. In Kerala, this mango curry recipe is an everyday affair during the mango season. It is that light on your palette. Yogurt and fresh coconut are used to make the gravy, giving the entire dish a creamy texture.

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Rajasthani kairi curry

Image: Courtesy Instagram/kashmiraamritkar

This Rajasthani raw mango curry recipe is high on spices and seeds and uses jaggery as a sweetener. The tanginess of raw mango combined with the smokey sweetness of jaggery and the richness of a variety of species and red chillies will be a kick to your tastebuds.

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Kacche aam ka mahi

Image: Courtesy Instagram/magizh_cookery_and_vlog

A spicy, southern style raw mango fish curry that makes for the perfect item for your dinner parties. With coconutty goodness, the sour punch of raw mango and the rich taste of fish, this mango curry recipe will become your summer favourite in no time.

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