Afghani Tikka, Pulao And More: 7 Afghani Recipes You Must Try

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What is Afghanistan famous for? Nuts, carpets, wool and sugar – these are a few instant answers we are likely to get. But do you know what? Afghanistan is more than these things. It has a rich culinary history influenced by Persian, Central Asian and Indian cuisine. Known for its creamy, flavourful and delectable food offerings, Afghani cuisine is very popular worldwide. From the ever-popular Kabuli pulao to tikkas, sheer khurma, korma and more, there are recipes galore to try from this royal cuisine. However, some historical trivia became popular across the world while some remained less explored. If you are a true foodie and love to try and experiment with food, you are at the right place. Here we bring you a list of 7 Afghani recipes you can try making at home.

Here’s A List Of 7 Afghani-Style Recipes You Must Try:

Kabuli Pulao: Our Recommendation

Let’s start the list with the most popular recipe in Afghani cuisine. A beautifully spiced serving of rice with the goodness of chickpeas. Makes for a light, wholesome and lovely meal in itself! Making it at home is quite a cakewalk too. Find the recipe here.

Afghani Chicken Tikka

You might have tried various versions of tikkas. What makes this tikka recipe different is the addition of seeds and nuts like cashew nuts, melon and poppy seeds that also lend a distinct flavour to it along with a subtle crunch in its masala preparation. Find the recipe here.

Afghani Parda Pulao

Next up is this unique pulao recipe. If you are wondering what this recipe is all about, it is a mutton pulao recipe originated from the Afghan region. After cooking the mutton pulao normally, this recipe is then covered with wheat dough and baked for a few minutes. Click here.


Tandoori Afghani Chicken

Tandoori chicken is generally spicy and full of flavours. This recipe mellows down the ‘spicy’ and ‘tangy’ level of the authentic tandoori chicken and presents a whiter and creamier dish that is equally great and scrumptious. Click here.

Paneer Afghani Gravy

A vegetarian’s delight! This white coloured Afghani paneer recipe has a sweet and creamy taste that you hardly get to have in other paneer dishes. And trust us, once you try at home, you will keep coming back to this recipe! Click here.

Afghani Omelette

Looking for filling and wholesome breakfast recipes? Eggs, potatoes, onions and tomatoes – these foods are all you need to make thid Afghani omelette, along with a couple of basic spices to flavour it. Click here.


Afghani Buttermilk (Chaas)

Summer is upon us. Just when we think the scorching heat is getting unbearable, a soul-soothing glass of chaas comes to the rescue, always. This Afghani style refreshing chaas recipe tug at heartstrings with its rustic and earthy flavour. Click here.


Now you know the drill, try these recipes at home and let us know how you liked them in the comment section below.