All Recipe And Potion Crafting Guide

little witch in the woods potions

Little Witch in the Woods allows players to craft potions and candies that will help them explore the forest and complete missions.

Cozy gamers are rejoicing over the adorable new witchy game, Little Witch in the Woods! This adorable little story adventure game allows players to wander around a magical forest, meeting new friends, discovering new creatures, and even crafting potions and recipes to further help their exploration.

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And better yet, potions and recipes are not only used for exploration, but can be a vital item to sell to earn money. Therefore, this guide is to help all players seek out a specific recipe quickly in order to solve a puzzle, or to quickly gain some money for an expensive purchase.



The recipes for candy or potions are unlocked in several ways. The main way is to complete the story where players will slowly unlock each recipe, but another is by buying the recipe from Diane. There are also recipes that are earned from completing side quests. Note that if the player does not have the recipe unlocked already, Ellie will not be able to craft them, so make sure to only craft the recipes available.

Don’t forget that when gathering ingredients, most will need to be extracts, which require two of the same object. So make sure to grab two of everything to prevent going back and forth! All of these recipes can also be found on the Little Witch in the Woods wiki!

Recipes Ingredients Heat Level Stirring Direction
Weed Terminator Potion Squishychub Fur Extract, Witchflower Extract 4 None
Nutrition Potion Silver Starbell Pollen Extract, Maple Herb Extract, Bush Bug Extract 3 Clockwise
Silver Star Juice Smile Bubble Extract, Baked Tinkle Spider, Silver Starbell Pollen Extract 2 Clockwise
Pink Star Juice Smile Bubble Extract, Baked Tinkle Spider, Maple Herb Extract 2 Clockwise
Yellow Star Juice Smile Bubble Extract, Baked Tinkle Spider, Bush Bug Extract 2 Clockwise
Earmuff Potion One Eye Frog Roast, Wetland Grass Water, Blue Moon Butterfly Extract 1 Counter-Clockwise
Sunlight Potion Witchflower Extract, Maple Herb Extract, Squishychub Fur Extract 5 Clockwise
Lunar’s Oil Moonflower Water, Pheonix Feather Powder 1 None
Enhance Intellect Potion Dried Pumpkin Terrier Fur, Bird Flower Water 3 None
Tears of the Moon Moonflower Water, Sacred Water 2 Clockwise
Dream Recollection Potion Blue Moon Butterfly Extract, Dried Pompom Feather 3 Counter-Clockwise
Firecracker Potion Baked Tinkle Spider, One Eye Frog Roast, Little Mandrake Roast 3 Clockwise
Curse Lifting Candy Squishychub Fur Extract, Maple Herb Extract 3 None
Healing Candy Witchflower Extract, Maple Herb Extract 4 Clockwise
Curse Detection Candy Dried Pompom Feather, Baked Tinkle Spider 2 Counter-Clockwise
Cough Candy Dried Pumpkin Terrier Fur, Smile Bubble Extract 2 Clockwise
Soft Candy Little Mandrake Roast, Bush Bug Extract, Baked Tinkle Spider 3 Counter-Clockwise
Back Scratcher Candy Bird Flower Water, One Eye Frog Roast, Bush Bug Extract 4 None

Little Witch In The Woods is available now on Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Mac.

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