Best lasagne recipes 2022

Best lasagne recipes 2022

When it comes to mid-week meals it’s hard to beat a classic lasagne recipe. The rich beef mince filling and creamy béchamel sauce goes perfectly with a leafy salad served on the side. It’s one of our favourite comfort food dishes.

And while a supermarket lasagne, can be great, nothing really beats a homemade version.

However, a deli-style classic lasagne is not the quickest recipe, as the filling, made with beef mince, oregano, red wine and tomatoes, needs time. It’s best when allowed to simmer for an hour. And it will be worth the investment.

But, if you don’t have an hour, no problem. We have a slow cooker lasagne that requires only 20mins prep time. You’ll need to plan in advance because it needs 6hrs for the slow cooker to work its magic.

For something more immediate our easiest-ever lasagne can be made in under an hour. It’s not made in the traditional way and the lasagne sheets are broken up, but it’s still delicious.

For vegetarians (or for anyone looking to cut back on meat) then our cheat’s ricotta and veggie lasagne is just right. It takes 30 minutes and the cheat is, we’ve used tinned veggies, such as peppers and artichokes for the filling.

If lasagne sounds a little filling for warmer months then we recommend our simple summer lasagne. It’s light and green using asparagus and podded broad beans, plus basil and mint for extra freshness.