Chana Dal Poori Is A Popular Bengali Breakfast Food; Watch The Recipe Video To Try It

Chana Dal Poori Is A Popular Bengali Breakfast Food; Watch The Recipe Video To Try It

The combo meal of poori and aloo sabzi always finds its way to our table. Be it a religious festival or any other special occasion, this poori-aloo meal is always preferred by Indian households to make the day extra special and indulgent. While north India has simple maida poori or atta poori or bedmi poori on their menu, Bengalis opt for a special stuffed poori of chana dal. If you love your bedmi poori, which is made or urad dal, you are bound to like the Bengali version of it too. And you don’t have travel far to experience its delectable flavour. We have brought the recipe to you straight from Kolkata. 

Food vlogger Ananya Banerjee shared the recipe of the traditional Bengali-style dal poori on her YouTube channel. This dish can be made by anyone with everyday ingredients. Chana dal is used to make a paste that is stuffed inside the poori dough. Then just like you make your regular poori, fry the stuffed pooris to be paired with aloo sabzi.  

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Chana dal can be used to make various dishes. 

Bengali Dal Poori Recipe I How To Make Chana Dal Stuffed Poori 

First prepare the dough for poori by kneading flour and water with a dash of sugar and some oil.  

For the stuffing, add soaked chana dal to a grinder jar; add green chillies, garlic, ginger, sugar, salt to taste and hing too. Blend to make dal paste. Then roast the paste in some mustard oil. Cool it and stuff in the dough balls, then fry till you get crisp and fluffy pooris.  

You can watch the complete recipe video of chana dal poori here to see how it is exactly done. 

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Chana dal poori paired with aloo tuk is a popular Bengali breakfast meal. And now, you can enjoy it too by making it in your own kitchen. Try this recipe and let us know how it turned out.  

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