Check These 5 Unique Coffee Recipes To Help You Beat The Heat In Summer

Check These 5 Unique Coffee Recipes To Help You Beat The Heat In Summer

Coffee is consumed by a large number of people worldwide. Be it kickstarting the day with a brew or just to feel relaxed between work, coffee is the best drink anyone can think of. The best part about coffee is that it’s versatile. You can have it hot in the winter for a soothing experience. You can also choose from a variety of cold coffee options to beat the heat when the temperature starts to rise. If you enjoy your coffee and are willing to experiment with different variations, check out these 5 unique recipes that will come in handy in summer.

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1) Mint coffee

For those who are unaware, mint can also be used in coffee, and it tastes fantastic. Nothing beats a cup of mint coffee as a pick-me-up after a long and tiring day at the office. You’ll need ice, coffee, milk, mint, and sugar to make this. Finish it off with a mint sprig and you’re done.

2) Cranberry coffee

Coffee does not always have to be the same, it can be as distinct and flavourful as this one. This drool-worthy coffee comes with the tangy flavour of the cranberry. This drink, which has a wonderful blend of espresso and cranberry juice, is a great way to cool down during the hot summer months.

3) Irish coffee

If you’re looking for something different to drink, nothing beats a cup of Irish coffee. It may take around 20 minutes to prepare, but you will not be disappointed if you give it a try. Serve the Irish coffee with whipped cream and nutmeg once it’s ready.

irish coffee

4) Mocha cooler

This could be the recipe for those searching for some respite in this heat. Mocha cooler features a delectable combination of strong black coffee, cream, and chocolate ice cream. If you are a coffee lover, this drink is surely going to satisfy your tastebuds. Remember that once you have it, there’s no going back.

5) Spiced Coffee Kulfi

This one’s for you if an easy coffee-plus-kulfi treat is your idea of beating the heat. It’s a delicious blend of coffee, creamy kulfi, and nuts. This kulfi also has a hint of bitterness. It’s easy to make and doesn’t require any special equipment. Only a few kulfi molds are required.