Complete Guide To All Alchemy Recipes In Outward

image of player in combat next to image of alchemy kit on campfire

Alchemy is used in Outward to create potions and elixirs, as well as a variety of traps and arrows that come in handy if you encounter dangerous enemies. These items can be made with an Alchemy Kit near a campfire. If you are looking to get into Alchemy, you’ve come to the right place.

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In this guide, we are going to go over every Alchemy recipe, as well as the necessary ingredients and the effects of each one. This list will include items from the two DLC that are not craftable if you don’t own them. First, let’s look at how to get an Alchemy Kit.


Alchemy Kits

Alchemy Kits are portable stations used to craft magic items. Alchemists in every city are guaranteed to sell an Alchemy Kit, allowing you to easily get your hands on one.

To use the Alchemy Kit, you will need to place it on top of a lit campfire, which is crafted with just three pieces of wood. Once set up, you can immediately get to crafting.

Potions And Elixirs

Potions and Elixirs are items that you can directly drink from your inventory. Below, you can check out every potion and what it does.


In the base game, you will only be able to use normal arrows that do not have any effects. With The Three Brothers DLC though, you can make the following arrows.


With The Soroboreans DLC, you will be able to craft a variety of Incense, used to enchant items. The Incense itself does not have an effect, but you need certain types to enchant your gear.


Bombs are unique to The Three Brothers DLC, creating an AoE that damages all nearby enemies.


Below, you can see the three different types of Charges. When placed in a pressure plate trap, they create a variety of effects which can be seen below.


Varnishes can be combined with melee weapons to create an elemental effect. These effects are not permanent, meaning that you will eventually need to apply another Varnish is you want to keep the elemental effect.

Misc. Items

Lastly, we have miscellaneous items. These don’t fit into any specific category, but can still be made with an Alchemy Kit. In general, these items are used to craft other things.

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