Dessert recipes for Easter – The Washington Post

Dessert recipes for Easter - The Washington Post
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What are your plans this Easter? Have you already decided on your brunch spread? Or do you and your family prefer a lunch or dinner spread instead?

Make a spring Cobb salad the centerpiece of a festive and thrifty Easter brunch

Whatever you choose, let there be a spectacular dessert at the end of the meal! A light, sweet treat — whether it be a fruit-forward delight or a towering layer cake — is a lovely way to celebrate springtime. Not seeing the right dessert for you? Filter for “dessert” in our Recipe Finder.

Whole Lemon Tart, pictured above. A sunny, simple lemon tart is a delightful treat for tying up the celebration. There’s not a lot of hands-on work, but there is some waiting time, so plan ahead. If you’d prefer your lemon treats bite-size, make tiny Lemon Tassies. And if you prefer something without a crust, make Lemon Pudding With Blueberry Whipped Cream.

Pecan Bundt Cake. This tall, glamorous Bundt cake is aromatic with pineapple and studded all the way through with pecans and golden raisins. It will be a welcome addition to the dessert table.

Pear and Toasted Miso Upside-Down Cake. Looking for something a little different? A little glamorous? And gluten free? Say no more. This gorgeous cake is for impressing your guests.

Carrot Cake With Brown Butter-Cream Cheese Frosting. Carrot cake graces many an Easter spread, but this carrot cake is extra special thanks to that decadent brown butter-cream cheese frosting.

Triple Coconut Cake. Coconut milk, oil and toasty shavings ensure that this nostalgic favorite screams coconut.

Strawberry Fool With Raspberries. Keep it quick and easy with this fluffy fool, which requires the use of frozen strawberries. If you’re looking for icy rather than fluffy, make Rhubarb + Strawberry Granita, which features one of spring’s favorite flavor combinations.