Easy Breakfast Recipe: How To Make Savoury French Toast In Just 10 Minute

Easy Breakfast Recipe: How To Make Savoury French Toast In Just 10 Minute

The very thought of quick breakfast instantly reminds us of eggs. An egg or two are enough to prepare a wholesome meal to kick-start the day, that too in just a few minutes. What we love the most is the fact that we can go as creative as we want with a humble egg. Boil it or fry it, eggs taste delicious in every single form. Then we have the egg-based recipes. From muffins to egg paratha, we use eggs to prepare something or the other every single day. One of our favourite egg-based breakfast recipes is French toast. Bread slices soaked in whisked egg and milk and then fried on pan – French toast defines indulgence. Traditionally, French toast is served with fresh fruits, butter, jam and maple syrup. But if you explore, you will find different other versions of this classic French toast that leave a strong impression on our palate. One of those popular French toast versions is savoury French toast.

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As the name goes, savoury French toast is the salty version of the dish that avoids use of sugar or syrup in it. Instead, in a savoury French toast, we use salt, black pepper, onions, tomatoes and more. Some people also use a little amount of milk to soften the bread slices, but that’s completely optional. This dish is also referred to as ‘dim pauruti’, ‘gypsy toast’, ‘eggy toast’ and more.

Here, we have found a delicious savoury French toast recipe that is easy to make and helps you put together a fulfilling meal in just 10 minutes. Sounds perfect; right? So, what are you waiting for? Get all your kitchen essentials and replicate the recipe. Take a look.

How To Make Savoury French Toast:

To make this dish, we need egg, bread slices, milk, onion, tomato, green chilli, coriander leaves, ginger, salt, black pepper and oil or butter to toast.

Break the eggs in a mixing bowl and add all the ingredients to it (except oil/butter). Whisk everything together. Then soak the bread slices in the egg mix and pan fry with some oil or butter.

That’s it! Your delicious savoury French toast is ready to be relished in just no time.

Click here for the detailed recipe of savoury French toast.

Try this dish today for breakfast and do let us know how you liked it.