Easy recipes for a gourmet picnic date with Bae

Easy recipes for a gourmet picnic date with Bae

Summer days in the warmer parts of the year may present sweltering heat, but the cool evenings present the perfect opportunity for an outdoor picnic. With clear skies and the setting sun before you, you may pick up your picnic basket, fill it up with some delicious treats and head off for a glorious date with bae. If the woods seem far from home, consider picnicking at a local park, beach or by a creek near you. As for the contents of your picnic basket, we bring you recipes to gourmet snacks that shall thrill your date to bits!

  1. Strawberry Cheesecake in a jar

This is a huge hit at potluck dinners as well as children’s birthday parties. The cheesecake in a jar is a great way to eat on the grass without it getting messy. You can use graham crackers for the base or even use a crumbled shortbread crust to ensure you have a buttery base that melts in your mouth. Other ingredients you shall need are cream cheese, a splash of lemon juice, whipping cream and sugar. Don’t forget your core ingredient- strawberries, but feel free to swap it with raspberries if they happen to be in season!

  1. Smoked cheese Dynabites

When dining outdoors, you may forget all the rules and start with dessert. But you’d still crave a savoury appetizer between courses to ensure you are not overburdened by sweetness. These smoked cheese dynabites are ideal for they are made of lots of lettuce, boiled eggs, smoked cheese and a dash of mayonnaise. Other ingredients that pepper this wrap is ham, garlic, and cherry tomatoes. It works as a hearty salad and adds an element of freshness to your meal.

  1. Apple Biscotti melt

The highlight of this recipe is that it needs very few ingredients such as a couple of apples, an egg and pastry or flour. The resulting Biscotti shall melt in your mouth and exude flavours of a quintessential apple pie.

  1. Homemade Strawberries and cream Frappuccino and Mocha Frappuccino

No meal outdoors is ever complete without a bevy of beverages when the summer sun threatens to dehydrate you. So, ditch the regular lemonade or ginger ale for these exotic Frappuccino recipes that you can make from scratch. The best part is that the Strawberries and cream Frappuccino is made from fresh ingredients rather than saccharine syrups that are store bought. Say no to artificial flavors and embrace Green tea and Mocha Frappuccinos with this recipe.

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