Greater Blood Essence recipe and crafting methods

Greater Blood Essence recipe and crafting methods

We’ve already made an explainer of the different kinds of blood in V Rising, including Blood Essence and Blood Types, but of course that’s not an exhaustive list, just something to get you started. Once you’re past the opening few hours of the game, you’ll have to focus on much bigger resources, and of course, you will be collecting Greater Blood Essence

Just like many of the consumables and resources in V Rising, you can get Greater Blood Essence in a number of ways, but if you want to get a lot of Greater Blood Essence, you will need the Greater Blood Essence recipe, in addition to these other methods of collecting it. Just read through our guide below, and make sure to take a look at our V Rising beginner tips if you’re just starting out.

Looting Greater Blood Essence – V Rising

Of course, the easiest way to obtain Greater Blood Essence early is by looting it. Just as early game enemies drop plenty of Blood Essence, stronger enemies will start to drop Greater Blood Essence. If you want to try farming with this method, you need to target enemies that are above level 30 or even higher. A tall challenge if you’ve only just started out. 

Crafting Greater Blood Essence with Unsullied Hearts – V Rising

This is a little bit easier. Unsullied Hearts are a fairly rare item to find dropping from enemies early on, but it can happen. You can grind out bosses or waves of smaller enemies and pick up Unsullied Hearts over time. 

By default you can use your Blood Press – that’s your blood refining device – to turn four Unsullied Hearts into a single Greater Blood Essence. This is one of the best early ways to get Greater Blood Essence, but Unsullied Hearts being a rare drop means that this is an inefficient way to grind for them.

Obtaining Greater Blood Essence recipe – V Rising

If you want as much Greater Blood Essence as possible, then you will need the Greater Blood Essence recipe. This item allows you to use the Blood Press to convert 200 Blood Essence into a single Greater Blood Essence. This sounds like a bad deal, but by the time you get to unlock this recipe, you’ll probably have thousands of Blood Essence stockpiled. 

In order to receive the Greater Blood Essence recipe, you must defeat Tristan the Vampire Hunter. That’s a threatening name, and well earned as he’s level 46. You’ll need more than a handful of hours of playtime in order to take him down, but once you’re close to that level, consider hunting down Tristan and taking the Greater Blood Essence recipe for yourself. Use the Blood Altar to locate him and take him out.

Written by Dave Aubrey on behalf of GLHF.