How To Research & Get New Crafting Recipes in V Rising

How To Research & Get New Crafting Recipes in V Rising

Recipe research in V Rising is performed through three specific workstations, all of which randomly unlock a new Recipe for a certain resource cost.

Unlocking new crafting Recipes is a core aspect of V Rising and one of the fundamental methods of character progression. These Recipes include blueprints for Castle structures, equipment, and consumables. For instance, battle gear such as the Merciless upgrades for Copper and Iron weapons are obtained through research. Without Merciless armaments, players will lack an adequate Gear Score to mine resources such as Silver or Iron in V Rising.

Accordingly, there are two primary ways to gain access to new Recipes in V Rising. The first way is through scavenging activities, such as farming loot drops, fishing, or rummaging through crates and containers. For instance, regular enemies, elites, and V Blood Carriers all have a slight chance to drop Recipe books that can be used to unlock a specific item available at a research workstation. Although some adventurers of the V Rising community have stated that distinct V Blood bosses have a higher chance to drop a particular type of Recipe book, this knowledge is more hearsay than fact. However, it is true that Carriers drop better and higher tier loot on average.


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Fishing and looting chests and containers are also excellent ways to acquire valuable Recipes in V Rising with little to no effort. However, do the randomness of the loot discovered, these scavenging activities are better conducted as a side activity than as a primary means of researching new items.

How To Unlock New Recipes In V Rising

How To Unlock New Recipes In V Rising

The second approach for learning new crafting Recipes in V Rising is through research via three tier-based Castle workstations.

  • Research Desk: costs Paper ×50 to unlock a Tier-1 Recipe
  • Study: costs Scrolls ×75 to unlock a Tier-2 Recipe
  • Athenaeum: costs Schematics ×100 to unlock a Tier-3 Recipe

The Research Desk is obtained as a default buildable structure during the early stages of the main campaign. The Study is obtained by slaying Nicholaus the Fallen, and the Athenaeum becomes available after Raziel the Shepherd has been defeated. Nicholaus is a Level 37 Carrier found in the Forgotten Cemetery of Farbane Woods, and Raziel is a Level 60 boss located in the Dunley Monastery of Dunley Farmlands.

Constructing the research workstations is the first step in unlocking new Recipes, as players must collect enough Paper, Scrolls, or Schematics to conduct a single random Discovery. At first, these items are only acquired through scavenging, but later, players can craft these resources on their own via the Paper Press. The Paper Press is acquired through rare drops or grinding research at the Study.

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V Rising is available in Early Access on Steam.

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