I Am Baker Blogger Amber Rettke’s Dill Pickle Burger Recipe

I Am Baker Blogger Amber Rettke's Dill Pickle Burger Recipe

Amanda Rettke’s Dill Pickle Burger

Amanda Rettke

“My favorite summertime food? Burgers,” says Amanda Rettke in her new cookbook, Homestead Recipes. “The shining glory of this burger is that dill pickle topping. Game changer.”

Rettke, author of the popular I Am Baker blog, is known for her creative twists on traditional Midwestern fare.

The recipe also features Rettke’s Homemade Ranch Seasoning Mix, which she calls “the cornerstone of Midwest cuisine.” It’s best known in dressing (whisk 1 Tbsp seasoning mix with 1/3 cup each mayonnaise and whole milk) and lovely to flavor these burgers.

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