If You Love Spicy And Tangy Indian Food, Try This Punjabi Chikar Chole Recipe

If You Love Spicy And Tangy Indian Food, Try This Punjabi Chikar Chole Recipe

We may visit different countries and try different cuisines, but we will always find comfort back in typical Indian food. Reason: It’s spicy, rich and loaded with different flavours. While describing Indian food with these words, our mind naturally pictures a large plate full of Punjabi food. This regional cuisine has a large fan base in the country because of its high flavour and spice profile – exactly what we desire in our food. Punjabi cuisine offers many chole (chickpeas) recipes – namely, pindi chana, chole gravy, masala chole and more. But today we are introducing you to a new recipe that will take your taste buds by surprise. 

Chikar chole is a Punjabi-style dish enjoyed both in north India and Pakistan. ‘Chikar’ means mashed and mushy chole. So, the gravy of this dish is made with boiled and mashed chickpeas along with potatoes, both of which help thicken the gravy and make it more flavourful. Add to it, a whole lot of whole spices and spice powder, and you get a robust dish that will let you enjoy a new Punjabi dish but with the same joy of tasting similar flavours that spell ‘home’.  

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Chickpeas are commonly used in Punjabi cuisine. 

Punjabi Chikar Chole Recipe I How To Make Chikar Chole At Home 

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To make this dish, first, soak and pressure cook the chole as you do with other chole recipes. Here you just have to overcook it a bit. Then take half of the boiled chole and blend it with boiled potatoes to make a paste. Roast this paste with onion paste, seasoned with whole spices like cinnamon, ginger, garlic, cardamom and peppercorns. And add the usual spice powders like coriander and turmeric. Add some curd, the rest of the boiled chole, water and top it all with dry mango powder, black pepper powder and kasuri methi. 

It really is this simple. So, if you also love spicy, flavourful and tangy dishes like us, this recipe is a must-try. 

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