In Carla Hall’s Career, One Recipe Stands Above The Rest

In Carla Hall's Career, One Recipe Stands Above The Rest

Perfecting Carla Hall’s pot pie means perfecting the crust. As Hall explains in her Food52 recipe, you’ll want to bake the dough rounds by themselves before using them as the base and topper for the chicken gravy veggie mix. Hall also mixes her crust in a stand mixer, rather than cutting the butter in by hand.

Hall’s famous pot pie recipe can be found in her first cookbook, “Cooking with Love: Comfort Foods that Hugs You.” She occasionally leverages her trademark recipe when speaking to an audience, as she did when talking about food equity for the 2020 Climate Underground conference. “When you talk about the inequities of food, you’re also talking about the inequities of medicine and health and how it makes a huge difference,” she said while whipping up her pot pie filling for a cornmeal biscuit meal. 

That said, Hall is much more than one pot pie recipe. She has now added “motivational speaker” to her repertoire. Hall knows how to pivot, as she did with her sous vide downfall, which she parlayed into an appearance for International Sous Vide Day, where she was featured alongside Michelin-star and local chefs. Still, it’s her pot pie that reigns supreme, and she admits she turns to it when homesickness hits. You can too, explains Hall in a blog post, where you can also find the recipe — gorgeous crust and all.