International Hummus Day 2022: 7 Easy And Quick Hummus Recipes To Try

International Hummus Day 2022: 7 Easy And Quick Hummus Recipes To Try

Every year, International Hummus Day is celebrated by hummus lovers on May 13. This day is aimed at discussing and promoting the Middle Eastern food that is healthy and manages to pack a lot of vitamins and minerals. Usually relished alongside flatbreads like pita, these flavourful dips are one of a kind that surely takes your tastebuds on a ride. Whether you are having it with pita bread, adding it to your favourite sandwich or a wrap, you know that there’s something really good that binds you with its taste.

Usually, the classic hummus recipe consists of boiled chickpeas, tahini sauce made with sesame seeds, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper – all combined in the form of a thick paste. However, the concept is versatile and you are allowed to add different ingredients and create something tastier or fiery as per your requirements.

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On International Hummus Day, take a look at these 7 hummus recipes:

1) Hummus with coriander

If you are looking for a basic hummus recipe, try this. Hummus with coriander can be prepared in just 20 minutes and with ingredients that are easily available at home. It’s one flavourful dip you wouldn’t regret having.

2) Zucchini hummus

Do you like zucchini? Well, if you do then this recipe is a must-try. Also, the summer squash is probably one of the most versatile foods you would find this season. Zucchini can be relished raw, or cooked and it’s extremely beneficial for your health. Give your summer indulgence a healthy twist with zucchini hummus.

3) Spicy green pea and olive hummus

If you like the popular Middle Eastern dip spicy, this should be your pick. Spicy green pea olive hummus has the goodness of green peas that are rich in protein, tahini paste, olives, mustard and lemon juice.

4) Beetroot hummus

This bright-looking pink beetroot hummus is gorgeous in terms of texture and flavours. Chickpeas, curd and the tanginess of lemon go well with the taste of the beet here. You can make it store it for later as well.

5) Basil pesto hummus

This recipe is deliciously rich and creamy and is perfect for a spread with your choice of sandwich. The hummus can be topped with red chilli powder and fresh basil leaves. Serve it with crisps toasts and you’ll be left asking for more.

6) Red pepper hummus

This dip is made from fresh red bell peppers. Adding a generous amount of roasted bell pepper is a great way to give a delectable makeover to your hummus. The best part is that it hardly takes 15 minutes to make it.

7) Edamame and wasabi hummus

Edamame is basically young soybeans harvested before ripening. Wasabi is popularly used while making sushi. To make Edamame and Wasabi hummus, all you’ve got to do is take a blender and add all the ingredients in it, including Edamame beans, Wasabi, tahini, lemon juice, red radish, garlic, kahakra and flax seeds and blend them all into a sumptuous paste. Your dip is ready.

Make these different types of hummus and enjoy them as an accompaniment to your snacks or meals.