Little People, Big World’s Amy Roloff has fans confused by corn dog recipe

Little People, Big World’s Amy Roloff has fans confused by corn dog recipe

Any Little People, Big World fans will know how much Amy Roloff loves to cook. The reality TV star is often posting cooking videos on her Instagram – but it seems people either love or hate her recipes. 

During one of the latest episodes of the show we see her make corn dogs with the kids. However, some fans have questioned whether they were corn dogs at all. Reality Titbit takes a look at Amy’s corn dog episode as well as fans’ mixed reviews. 

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Pirate Gold of Adak Island | Official Trailer | Netflix





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Amy Roloff’s corn dogs 

We can’t provide the exact and full recipe but if you watch the latest episode of the show, you can see Amy making corn dogs with the family. 

Amy made a standard corn muffin mix and added cheese and chopped wieners, which some fans are saying doesn’t constitute a corn dog. Click here to visit her YouTube page to view more recipes.

Roloff is a very good and pretty successful cook, with her own published recipe book. In 2012, she released a cookbook of family favourites entitled Short And Simple Family Recipes. 

More recently, she created a website to share her favourite recipes with fans. Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen features recipes, a blog and even a link to book Amy for speaking engagements. 

Some fans aren’t impressed by her corn dogs 

People seemed to highly judge Amy for the way she made her corn dogs with Jackson – and some took to Reddit to discuss her “interesting” cooking methods. One person said:

Corn muffin mixes with cheese and chopped wieners does not constitute a corn dog. Jackson was like “can we be done now“ lol. She’s a good Mimi and a good cook but this wasn’t it! Time to retire the corn dog muffins, Mimi.


However, a lot of other people defended Amy, agreeing with her on how they are supposed to be made. One person wrote:

That’s how we do corn dogs lol. It isn’t a real one but it is easier and no frying is necessary. The kids love them. We enjoy them well enough.


Amy is famous for her fudge

One of Amy’s best sellers and biggest passions is fudge. Every year she releases several new collections. Right now, Amy’s Little Kitchen is selling fudge inspired by summer. Oregon Hazelnut Mocha & Oregon Berry is the featured fudge.

Her fudge is the best seller for Amy and by far her most popular recipe. She even makes special collections for events such as Father’s Day and Christmas. 



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