Make Healthy Brown Bread With Wheat Flour At Home (Easy Recipe Inside)

Make Healthy Brown Bread With Wheat Flour At Home (Easy Recipe Inside)

One food that has been universally adopted as a breakfast staple is bread. A simple toasted bread for a quick nosh or a hefty club sandwich for a filling meal, bread is used in a multitude of ways to make different dishes almost every day in every household. But, have you wondered if it’s safe to consume store-bought bread so often? Even if you have, the thought would have quickly waned after realizing how convenient and pocket-friendly it is to get your daily bread from the market. But if you want to feed yourself and your family a healthy diet, maybe it’s time to rethink. 

Packaged goods may not be the healthiest option – a fact that we all turn a blind eye to. Store-bought bread may contain additives, preservatives, emulsifiers, treatment agents, dough conditioners, excessive salt and sugar! With a long list of health-depleting ingredients, won’t it be better to replace the bread with the healthier, homemade one? If you agree, take a look at this recipe of whole wheat bread that can be easily made at home. 

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How To Make Brown Bread At Home I Whole Wheat Bread Recipe 

Kneading, proofing and baking – are the three essential techniques involved in bread baking. In just three easy steps, you can make your own healthy and spongy bread at home. 

Click here to see the recipe of homemade brown/whole wheat bread.

Knead the dough with activated yeast, which is prepared by dissolving the yeast and some sugar in lukewarm water. Let the dough rest and rise – this process is called proofing, in which the yeast works to puff up the bread. Then simply bake the dough to make bread. Once cooled down, cut it into slices. 

Tips to remember: Always use lukewarm water to dissolve the yeast. If no froth forms in the water, then try with another pack of yeast. Also, wait for the bread to cool down before slicing it. And lastly, always use the ingredients in the correct measures. 

There’s nobody who would prefer ‘unhealthy’ over ‘healthy’ if the taste remains the same. So, try this recipe and give your family the joy of eating a healthy breakfast every day.