Recipes from L’Enclume, England’s Latest Three-Star Restaurant

Recipes from L'Enclume, England's Latest Three-Star Restaurant

To suggest Michelin is being all warm and fuzzy though is of course a playful joke: there’s no doubt to many that L’Enclume is one of the finest restaurants in Europe.

Instead, the team has been working on refining every aspect of the L’Enclume experience, “through the evolution of our dishes and honing of our service-style, the meticulous work undertaken on Our Farm, or how we work to make every one of our guests feel, from when they enter the restaurant to the moment they leave,” says Rogan.

But don’t worry if you won’t be able to visit England’s lush northwest any time soon. You can recreate the flavours of L’Enclume with these three recipes from England’s latest three-Michelin-star restaurant.

First up is this recipe for a steamed miso custard with seasonal mushrooms. According to executive head chef Tom Barnes, “It’s the kind of dish that I love to eat, where you just dig your spoon down to the bottom of the bowl and enjoy. I have done a couple of different versions of this dish but this is my favourite and it’s a great dish to cook at home. It would be a great starter for a dinner party.”

A close up of the Berkswell pudding dish served at L'Enclume.

Next up is a rich and savoury cheese pudding topped with a stout vinegar jelly and grated aged Berkswell cheese. Birch sap is used to deglaze, but maple syrup is fine as a more readily available substitute. 

A pretty plate of food.

The final recipe involves considerably more steps, but the extra effort is worth it. Local Herdwick lamb loin is roasted on the bone and served with bbq green onion marinated in shio koji, green onion puree, ramson leaves and flowers and finally a sauce made from the lamb bones spiked with fig leaf vinegar.