Try these easy mango recipes this summer

Try these easy mango recipes this summer

Published: Updated On – 03:21 PM, Fri – 13 May 22

Hyderabad: If there’s anything to be gleeful about summers this year, it’s the mangoes. Though there is a dearth in supply, one can spot the king of fruits at every other junction in the city.

If you are already paying the high price to taste this marvel of a fruit, you might as well make something out of it. Here are 6 easy mango recipes you can try without breaking a sweat.

Mango Smoothie

Smoothies never go wrong with any fruit. Making this will hardly take 10 minutes. Cut the fruit, add some milk, sugar and whatever else you like in your smoothies. Blend it well and refrigerate it for a while.

Mango Iced Tea

Start with blending your mango pieces. Add some sugar syrup and water. Brew some black tea separately and then add it to the mango puree after it has cooled along with ice cubes. It takes about 15-20 minutes to make this.

Aam Panna

This famous North-Indian drink is everybody’s go-to in the summers. Pressure cook the raw mangoes up to 2-3 whistles. One done, let it cool and extract the pulp and store it in a container. Blend the mango pulp, sugar, salt, spices, and mint until smooth. You can use the pulp for several days, mixing water every time you drink.

Mango Panakam

A traditionally South-Indian recipe, this is another easy one to make. Extract all the pulp from your mangoes and place them in a bowl. Add some sugar, dry fruits and poppy seeds. Make some puris or fry the traditional ‘ambati apadalu’ to eat with it.

Mango Popsicles

Though this recipe is easy, it is time consuming. Blend mango pieces, honey and milk till you achieve a liquid-like consistency by adding some water or milk. Pour them into the popsicles mould and place the sticks carefully. Deep Freeze them overnight.

Mango Salsa

This not-so mainstream dish is gaining popularity these days. With only six basic ingredients it’s easy to make. Chop ripe mangos, red bell pepper, red onion, cilantro, jalapeño and lime into fine pieces and mix them well. Add some salt and pepper as per taste.

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