V Rising: How to Research and get new Crafting Recipes

V Rising: How to Research and get new Crafting Recipes

Craft your way to the top.

V Rising Research Table for crafting recipes

Crafting is a fundamental part of a plethora of survival games and the world of V Rising is no different. V Rising allows you to unlock new technology in the form of crafting recipes. You can get recipes for weapons, armor and much more to level up your vampire journey. To begin researching crafting recipes in V Rising, you will need a Research Desk, Paper, and Research Books.

To get a Research Desk in V Rising, you will need to build one in your castle. In order to do so, you will need 8 Planks, 120 Animal Hide, and 80 Stone. Once it has been built, you can interact with it and you will need Paper and Research Books to use on the Research Desk. Gathering 50 Paper will allow you to discover a random technology. To get your hands on specific recipes, you will have to acquire some Research Books.

How to get a Research Books and Paper in V Rising

You can collect Research Books by eliminating a variety of enemies, including bosses. In addition, you may come across a Research Book when you are looting chests that are dotted around the landscape. Obtaining Paper is much more common and you may already have some in your inventory. You can find it by visiting Bandit camps which will also have opponents you can eliminate for Paper.

That is all you need to know about researching crafting recipes in V Rising and you can now begin unlocking even more possibilities.

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