Watch the Trailer for ‘Chef Antonio’s Recipes for Revolution’

Watch the Trailer for ‘Chef Antonio's Recipes for Revolution'

Chef Antonio’s Recipes for Revolution is a new documentary about an Italian chef who wants to change the world. His hotel restaurant is staffed by people with Down’s syndrome.

Antonio De Benedetto is an Italian chef with an ambitious mission: to change the world through food. To do this, he has created a restaurant and a hotel in which the staff is made up largely of young men and women with disabilities who come from all over Italy to train and work. These young people, each with their own dreams and plans for the future, are trained by De Benedetto to tackle a path through the hospitality sector towards freedom and independence.

The film was directed by an Australian, Trevor Graham, who heard about the project from a friend, and travelled to the other side of the world to see it for himself. He thus began to follow the life, dreams and dramas of some workers at the Albergo Etico in Asti. Living with a disability, learning a trade and leading an independent life is complex and doesn’t always go as planned. Chef Antonio’s Recipes for Revolution follows their trials and tribulations, showing the deep humanity and caring in the project and pointing society towards a brighter more inclusive future.