World Milk Day 2022: Date, significance, theme, and easy recipes

World Milk Day 2022: Date, significance, theme, and easy recipes
World Milk Day , as the name suggests, is a day dedicated to milk. Popularly known as a powerhouse of nutrients and a rich source of calcium, milk is an integral part of our lives. From breakfast to dinner, we consume it in different forms. And in present time, it comes from different sources too including almonds, soy, and coconut. At large, the dairy industry not just contributes to our wellness, but also provides a source of livelihood to millions. The day focuses on the importance of milk and raises awareness among the masses about dairy’s part in healthy living, diets, and food production. You will be surprised to know that India is the largest producer of milk followed by the US, China, and Pakistan and accounts for 22 percent of global milk production. Let us tell you more about this day that celebrates milk.

  1. When is World Milk Day?
    World Milk Day has been celebrated every year on June 1 for the past 21 years. As per reports, it was established by the United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) in 2001 and every year a theme is decided to celebrate this day. June 1 was chosen as the date because many counties were already celebrating milk day during that time of the year. The day celebrates the benefits of milk and other dairy products.
  2. What is the importance of World Milk Day?
    If we go by the official website by FAO, the idea behind World Milk Day is to celebrate the contributions of the milk and dairy sector to the world. The official website reads, “The benefits of milk and dairy products have been actively promoted around the world, including how dairy supports the livelihoods of one billion people.” This data by FAO also reveals that globally more than six billion people consume dairy products on a daily basis.
  3. What is the theme of World Milk Day 2022?
    The theme of World Milk Day is to bring attention to the climate change crisis and how the dairy sector can reduce its impact on the planet. The aim is to achieve ‘Dairy Net Zero’ by reducing greenhouse gas emissions over the next 30 years and improving waste management in order to make the dairy sector sustainable.
  4. Easy Milk Recipes
    Rice Kheer: One of the easiest and simple milk recipes celebrated in India. It’s a combination of soaked rice, milk, sugar, kesar, and nuts, which are altogether slow cooked and served hot or cold as a dessert.Rabdi: Another sweet dish made with just milk, which is slow cooked and reduced to form a thick grainy texture treat, which is naturally sweet and is served as a dessert.Mango Milkshake: It’s a summer drink made with ripe mango chunks, blended with milk, sugar, and garnished with cherry, nuts, and grated coconut too.Rasmalai: It’s a sweet dish made with milk, clubbed together in different forms. It uses soft and spongy discs of cheena made with milk, which are soaked with a sweet syrup of milk flavoured with kesar, nuts, and sugar.